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Find how much utility bills cost with a calculate your electricity cost calculator.

Electricity Units of measure

Electricity rate units = kWh = Kilowatt hour, MW = Megawatt

1 Megawatt Hour = 1,000kWh
10 Megawatt Hour = 10,000kWh
100 Megawatt Hour = 100,000kWh
1,000 Megawatt Hour = 1,000,000kWh

Example Electricity account size: 50,000kW annually (which is the same as 50 MW)

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How to calculate your electricity bill?

Simple add up the total number of kilowatt hours for the month or year and times the cost per kWh, example if your doing 10,000 kWh per month and the cost per kWh is .10 then simple (10,000 x .10 = $1,000. ), this would be the supply only cost, you still have local utility costs to maintain the electric poles and wires.

Cost of electricity calculator

To find the cost of electricity calculate the total number of kWh used times the electricity rate this will show you the cost of electricity supply.

What is an Electricity Calculator?

An electricity calculator is a tool that helps you calculate how much electricity you're using and how much it's going to cost you. It's a really helpful tool to use if you're trying to figure out how to save money on your electric bill, especially if you're using a lot of electricity for a business.

How to use calculator to figure out electricity costs?

Here is an example, Let's say you have a small store that you run and you want to know how much you're spending on electricity each month. First, you'll need to find out what your commercial electricity rate is. This is the rate that your electricity supplier charges you for the energy you use.

Once you know your rate, you can use the electricity calculator to figure out how much you're spending. You'll need to know how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you're using each month. This is a measure of how much energy you're using and it's what your electricity supplier charges you for.

To find out how many kWh you're using, you can look at your electric bill. It should have a section that tells you how much electricity you've used in the last month. Once you have this number you can enter it into the electricity calculator along with your commercial electricity rate.

The calculator will then tell you how much you're spending each month on electricity. You can use this information to figure out ways to save money, such as turning off lights and electronics when they're not in use, or replacing old inefficient appliances with new energy-efficient ones.

That's the basic idea of how to use an electricity calculator for commercial electricity rates. It's a really helpful tool to have if you're running a business or just trying to save money on your electric bill at home. Just remember to look at your electric bill to get your usage information and to use your commercial electricity rate when you're entering your data into the calculator.