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Find how much utility bills cost with a calculate your electricity cost calculator.

Electricity Units of measure

Electricity rate units = kWh = Kilowatt hour, MW = Megawatt

1 Megawatt Hour = 1,000kWh
10 Megawatt Hour = 10,000kWh
100 Megawatt Hour = 100,000kWh
1,000 Megawatt Hour = 1,000,000kWh

Example Electricity account size: 50,000kW annually (which is the same as 50 MW)

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How to calculate your electricity bill?

Simple add up the total number of kilowatt hours for the month or year and times the cost per kWh, example if your doing 10,000 kWh per month and the cost per kWh is .10 then simple (10,000 x .10 = $1,000. ), this would be the supply only cost, you still have local utility costs to maintain the electric poles and wires.

Cost of electricity calculator

To find the cost of electricity calculate the total number of kWh used times the electricity rate this will show you the cost of electricity supply.