Price is only one way to save on energy!

Our proprietary platform, with 90+ suppliers of electricity and natural gas, gets suppliers to compete for your business. Our platform will deliver the best terms and lowest prices. Importantly, Bid On Energy will help manage your load, Peak Load Management (PLM), and help clip peaks significantly.


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Electricity rates local and from around the country, lock in low rates when they are trending down.

Alerts you on what day and time to reduce electricity during these days and times will lower your annual utility bills.

Alerts you on what day and time your electricity capacity tags will be issued.

Alerts you when contracts are coming up and what the rates are 3 months before your agreement is up.

Reduce your electricity costs! Most energy brokers sell price!

Price is one way to save on your company's energy spend but not the only way.

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Compare business electric suppliers to find the lowest commercial rates helps to lower utility bills with low cost per kWh. Find discounted commercial electricity rates when suppliers compete for your business electricity they offer the lowest rates available in your local energy market, instantly shop suppliers now.

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Find the lowest electricity rates near me for your home compare energy suppliers, lower your house utility bills today with the lowest electric rates for your home. Compare home electric rates to help lower utility bills with low house energy costs today.

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Shop Home Energy suppliers near me local for house electricity rates, suppliers compete for your house energy. Find electricity and natural gas rates, look for the lowest home energy supply cost.

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Save on Energy Costs

With clients average savings up to 27% on energy costs, more industries are looking towards Bid On Energy and it's discounting solutions to battle the trend of rising rates.

Business electricity rates are going up! Most likely your business has felt a squeeze on its profits. This has in part been caused by the rising cost of energy. You are paying the high prices charged by your utility and energy provider today, because of the increased cost of generating and delivering electricity and natural gas to your business and home.

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If you are tired of paying high prices for business electricity and business natural gas you are not alone. There is nothing you can do about the growing fragility of coal fired plants being shut down, the number of nuclear power plants being reduced, the costs that are being passed through to you by utilities switching to renewable energy, etc.

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There is however, something you can do about controlling these increased costs. Now, because of energy deregulation, you can purchase energy directly, putting the power that comes with choice in your hands. Whether you are a business looking to add to your bottom line, a household that needs to tighten its budget, being able to purchase electricity and natural gas at a price below what you are paying now, is an empowering experience.

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Bid On Energy empowers you and brings the availability of competitive prices instantly to businesses and households as never before.


At Bid On Energy customers
receive great prices instantly!

Our online purchasing platform connects buyers and sellers of electricity and natural gas in real time. No longer is it necessary to call multiple suppliers and wait for a price quote. It can all be done online in a matter of seconds. Your fixed price agreement will be delivered to you in minutes. We recommend fixed price agreements. Bid On Energy can provide variable price agreements, with contract lengths suitable for your needs. It is not recommended. Please contact us if you want this type of service. You will never be surprised by an energy bill doubling or tripling with a fixed price agreement. Over time, consumers because of bad weather, natural disasters, or other environmental problems, have had to pay extraordinary price increases. These price increases usually wipe out the savings associated with variable term agreements.

Also, consider the benefit that comes with the prediction that energy prices will continue to go up an average of 10% + per year nationally, as they have for the past 10 years, and that they will continue to rise for the next 15 years! With a multiple year contract you will be way ahead of the market! When your new supply begins energy will be delivered seamlessly. There will not be an interruption of service. No longer do you have to be a captive customer to your local utility. No longer will you have to call multiple suppliers and waste valuable time on hold, waiting for a price quote.

With Bid ON Energy's instant real time fixed price quote system, arranging your energy service could not be simpler, from price quote to contract. During this process you will know you are getting the best prices and terms, with a start date of your choice. It could not be easier! Why waste time?

Let professionals do the job,

with the knowledge they are working for you.


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Compare electricity rates and natural gas rates in all these deregulated States including Canada with energy suppliers you can shop and save today.

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