Find out how electricity is generated

Find out how electricity is generated

Find out how electricity is generated, Electricity is an integral part in modern life and can be produced from many energy sources, here are the top sources of electricity today.

Coal is a fossil fuel and it is used in the generation of steam which powers turbines that generate electricity. Coal is one of the richest sources of energy and is widely used to create electricity in many countries to keep cost down.

Natural Gas is another fossil fuel and it’s used to generate heat which in turn produces steam that drives turbines and then generates electricity. Natural gas is more environmentally friendly than coal because it burns clean and keeps electricity costs down.

Photovoltaic (PV), solar energy: This is the conversion of sunlight’s energy to electricity. Solar energy is a renewable and clean source for electricity and is increasing in popularity with the decrease in cost of solar panel.

Wind Energy is a form of electricity that is created from harnessing the power of wind to power turbines. As wind turbines are less expensive, wind energy becomes a more popular source of clean and renewable electricity.

Nuclear Energy is a nuclear reactor that produces heat which is used to generate nuclear energy. Nuclear energy can be reliable and produce low levels of emissions, however it is also prone to safety and waste disposal risks with lots of hazards.

Hydroelectricity is created by harnessing water’s energy to drive turbines and create electricity from water. Hydroelectricity is a clean source and renewable energy that is widely used across many countries to help keep electricity rates low.

Geothermal Power: Geothermal electricity is made by harnessing the heat generated in the earth’s core. It generates steam which drives turbines and produces electricity. Geothermal Energy is a clean and sustainable source of energy that’s widely used in some countries.

These are the most widespread sources of electricity. Each source offers its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice among energy sources can often be influenced by cost, availability, environmental impact, and other factors.

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