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National Grid Massachusetts

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Utility National Grid Massachusetts Electric bills could increase this winter in Massachusetts, National Grid warns and Eversource Energy rates will go up as well this season 2023.

“National Grid seeks to increase its rates to generate $89,477,862 in additional revenues,” according to a statement. “National Grid proposes to transfer costs recovered through certain reconciling mechanisms, which totaled $58,184,827 in calendar year 2020, to base distribution rates, effective Dec. 1, 2022. Based on this proposal, the proposed overall increase to distribution revenues is $147,662,689, which represents a 13.2% increase in distribution revenue.”

General Service (G-1)
Street Lighting (S-1, S-2, S-3, S-5, S-6, and S-20)

General Service – Demand (G-2)
General Service – Time-of-Use (G-3)

Basic Service Rates for Customers on the following Commercial rate classes:
General Service (G‐1), Streetlighting (S‐1, S‐2, S‐3, S‐5, and S‐6)
11/1/22 ‐ 4/30/23 = .32287 cost per kWh

The Basic Service rate billed to you under the Fixed Price Option will remain the same for several months at a time. Under the Fixed Price Option, the Basic Service rate changes every May 1 and November 1 for Residential and Commercial customers, and every February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1 for Industrial customers. All rates are based on average monthly contract prices in our Basic Service supply contracts over the applicable period.

All Residential Group customers and all G-1 (General Service) Commercial Group customers are automatically placed on the Fixed Price Option when first applying for Basic Service. Customers are allowed to choose the monthly Variable Price Option at any time. However, they can only move between the pricing options once during an uninterrupted stay on Basic Service, which means that they cannot later request to move back to the Fixed Price Option if they continuously receive Basic Service and have never bought their electric supply from a competitive supplier.

If you are an Industrial Group (G-2 and G-3) customer on the Fixed Price Option and decide to switch to a competitive supplier in the middle of a 3 month pricing period, you will receive a billing adjustment, which will be either a credit or a charge. The billing adjustment compares your Basic Service charges on the Fixed Price Option to what you would have been charged under the Variable Price Option. We apply this adjustment to ensure that Basic Service customers in the Industrial Group are billed for the actual cost of Basic Service electricity they consumed. The calculation uses the monthly rates under the Variable Price Option because they represent our monthly cost of supplying Basic Service to you for the months before you left Basic Service. This Basic Service billing adjustment, referred to as “Market Price Adjustment” when it appears on your bill, may be a credit or a charge, and is reflected on the bill prior to when your switch to a competitive supplier is effective. To learn more about this adjustment see Basic Service Billing Adjustment below.



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