Save Money by Booking Longer Deals

Save Money by Booking Longer Deals

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Save money by booking longer term deals.

In the United States, natural gas currently makes up roughly 50% of the fuel that power plants use in generating electricity!

The last decade gave the country an abundant supply due to discovery of new resources, and despite a 30% increase in global demand, supply still outpaced it all, resulting in a significant drop in both electricity and gas rates.

Unfortunately, the pandemic created enough chaos that it crashed the natural gas market, which resulted in a significant loss in supply globally. Substantial decreases in demand drove prices downward through most of 2020.

The crash didn’t last long. Supplies of natural gas in Asia and Europe hit severe shortages in 2021, thus skyrocketing prices. Customers shifted their willingness to pay, creating a lucrative market for the suppliers that navigated through the tough times. European natural gas rates have surged more than 1000% from a record low in May 2020, while Asian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) rates have jumped about six-fold in the last year.

Where the market is heading ?
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